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The official certificateThe official certificate would contain a name of pair which was divided just as date and a place where to them provided division. However, there is some important information, which keeps separately from the public to respect private life of the involved person. It includes the reason of division and any financial connected questions, such as a property and guardianship over children. For reports which were registered since then 1962-1984, cost only will be 13. However, other reports can have various payments for services as reports can be received only in the county where divorce was submitted. In July 1, 2003, the government declared that the inquiry will not be processed, if evidences of oath about a penalty or perjury are not signed. Unlike other state, the office of Section of reports of Vital does not let out a copy of the certificate of divorce. As it was noted earlier, it it is necessary to demand in the division county. The state office can help only with county identification where pair separated.

The inquiry can be made also through a postal order, however; it is necessary to guarantee that all requirements are included in mail. The sworn condition of a penalty and perjury should be already signed. To be rescued from any skirmish, search of the report of divorce is available now online. Inhabitants of California are open now for technology development thus, the government developed storage online where the Californian reports of divorce operate.

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